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How Children Can Self Regulate By Earthing

Nowadays children are bombarded with external stimuli such as free radicals, stress and unhealthy lifestyles at a young age. It is mostly due to our North American culture, where most kids find that their electronic tablet or television time is their babysitter. Our children's lifestyles include eating several fast food meals a week, receiving limited amount of exercise and little to no quality outdoor time playing in the fresh air. Many kids suffer from poor sleep habits and heath issues have begun such as childhood diabetes and an increased amount of food allergies just to name a few. With all the stress surrounding young children these days, it is important that they learn strategies to remain calm, alert, focused and the ability to control their words, actions and feelings while learning and interacting with others. Our education systems have implemented new Kindergarten programs that encourage children to self regulate in order to teach kids to balance all these feelings and stimuli they are facing on a daily basis.

Self regulation in children is something that can be influenced by earthing. Earthing is when your body connects with the earth and an electron transfer occurs. The Earth's energy neutralizes the free radicals in your body and allows neutrality to take place. Your body can then self regulate, self heal and rejuvenate itself with aid of the earth's healing power. One of the best ways to practice earthing or grounding is to walk barefoot on the earth as our bare skin is conductive. Our feet have a high amount of nerve endings which are needed for electron transfer to occur. During the summer months children often have more opportunity to practice earthing or grounding as they spend a greater amount of time outside barefoot. However there is not always opportunity to walk barefoot due to safety hazards or weather conditions. So in order to stay grounded and in turn be able to self regulate, earthing footwearfor children is of necessity.

Most shoes for children are made of synthetic materials that do not allow earthing to occur. Therefore it is important to find footwear that is made of all natural, leather or suede materials with no insole or rubber outsole. Soft sole moccasins are the ideal footwear for kids as they can be worn inside or outside and with or without socks. Not only are they conductive, as the combination of leather and sweat against your bare foot allows grounding to take place, but all natural moccasins feel like you are walking around bare foot! And what do most kids do the minute they get inside the house or in the car? Tear off their socks and shoes! Children innately self regulate as they recognize the desire to practice earthing from a very young age.

Another way children can practice earthing is to encourage them to touch the earth as much as possible. Building sand castles, making tree forts, helping in the garden, swimming in the lake or ocean are all ways kids can be exposed to the earth's healing energy. In winter months, play in the basement. Sitting or walking on the concrete is another way to connect to the ground as concrete is moist and conductive. The more extensive and longer periods of time children spend touching the earth, the greater the benefits, which in turn encourages self regulation.

Many children also struggle with restless sleep, which inhibits their ability to properly learn, function and grow. Sleep deprivation at a young age develops into many sleep disorders and insomnia in adults. Sleeping grounded is an effective way to practice earthing and allows for deeper and more restful sleep. Kids that use conductive bed sheets or an earthing bag while sleeping, ensure 8 plus hours of connectivity with the earth and therefore receive the calming effects of earthing.

Earthing is easy and practical. As a result of earthing, you'll quickly see positive behavioral changes and heightened self awareness in kids, once they receive input from the earth's energy. Children who have allowed the earth's power to infuse a calmness in them, will notice a decrease in their internal stress level, due to external stimuli and improved self awareness. Offer children ample opportunities to practice earthing, and you'll find self regulation will come naturally to them.
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