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20 Benefits To Earthing

We have written many blogs about how to practice Earthing and blogs about the great Earthing footwear we have to offer. We thought it was time to take you back to our first blog, when we first started The Earthing Store, and elaborate on why you might want to practice Earthing. There are many benefits to Grounding on a daily basis that we want to highlight but first let's make sure you understand what exactly is Earthing and why it has an effect on us nowadays.
Earthing is known as the activity of being in direct contact with the Earth in which its negative Grounding charge has the opportunity to neutralize and balance out the excess of positive electrons. These positive elections come in the form of free radicals, that we acquire on a daily basis in our bodies through the use of personal devices, microwaves, radios etc. Free radicals are not bad for us but it is the excess of them that is the issue. The problem is that nowadays people have limited time contacting the bare Earth. Less time is spent in the garden on your hands and knees, running barefoot through the sprinkler or getting buried in the sand. So it is quite easy for an excess or build up of free radicals to occur in our bodies. The simple act of Grounding, by walking barefoot on the Earth, wearing Grounding shoes, or sleeping using a Earthing aid can open up a full range of benefits to you which is why some state that Earthing may be one of the most profound health discoveries ever.

Increases Energy Level

Those who practice Grounding on a regular basis claim they have an increase in their overall energy level. This may be from the reduction of free radicals in their system or from the therapeutic time spent in the fresh outside air, barefoot. Perhaps increased energy levels could also be from getting a good night's rest due to those who sleep Grounded.

Reduces Inflammation

Even small amounts of exposure to the Earth's healing power has shown to have a positive effect on inflammation. Thermographic imaging shows a heat map of inflammation in the body. The imaging of those found to practice Grounding results in significantly less heat patterns, compared to prior to Earthing. The electron transfer of Earthing directly reduces the inflammation immediately.

Lowers Chronic Pain And Affects Autoimmune Diseases

Because Earthing reduces inflammation it also alleviates chronic pain and has a positive impact on chronic diseases as well as autoimmune diseases because both stem from inflammation in the body.

Aids In Deeper Sleep

Earthing while sleeping causes your diurnal cortisol profiles to be normalized and allow you to enter into deep, restless sleep. Those who sleep Grounded claim they sleep through the night without disturbance or discomfort and feel rested when they wake up.

Slows Down The Aging Process

Our body's aging process is affected by free radicals. The accumulative damage to your body caused by free radicals results in this process to speed up so by practicing Earthing you can slow the aging process down by eliminating the excess of free radicals in your body.

Improves Blood Flow And Pressure

Free radicals in our bodies are a killer to antioxidants. If you practice Earthing then it's like giving your body more antioxidants and as a result has beneficial changes in your heart rate. Grounding thins your blood, making it less viscous which improves your blood flow and blood pressure.

Relieves Headaches

Headaches usually come in the form of pulsing or throbbing pain. The most natural way to battle against them is by Earthing. Because Grounding reduces inflammation, it also has a positive effect on eliminating or reducing headache and even migraine pain.

Speeds Up The Healing Process

While Earthing, the healing process speeds up because the Earth's electrons are negative, while the damaging free radicals are positive which are designed to surround the injured or damaged area of the body, so the electrons cancel each other out. In essence Grounding protects your body from its own repair process and its collateral damage.

Decreases Muscle Tension

Those who practice Grounding regularly, and find themselves with muscular pain and stiffness from strenuous or unfamiliar exercise, have been found to have fewer circulating neutrophils and lymphocytes cells. Less of these type cells indicates that the original damage resolved more quickly, collateral damage reduced, and the recovery process accelerated.

Lowers Stress Levels and Promotes Calmness

Practicing Earthing is known to balance cortisol levels which has a direct impact on your body's stress levels and results in lowering the body from "fight or flight" mode to one of calmness and stability. It does this through switching the nervous system from a sympathetic mode towards a parasympathetic state which makes the nervous system focus on homeostasis. That is, one of rest and digestion.

Lessens Menstrual And Hormonal Symptoms

Because cortisol levels are affected by Earthing, and are also directly tied to hormone levels, practicing Earthing can positively affect female hormonal symptoms as well as reduce menstrual discomfort.

Supports Adrenal Health

Earthing can eliminate adrenal fatigue which is more than just feeling tired. If your adrenal levels are low then your body and its organs cease to function at their full potential and you feel exhausted even if you've had adequate sleep. You'll find that if your adrenal levels are normalized through Earthing, your body will stop feeling like you're at rock bottom and your energy level will be significantly improved.

Offers Protection From EMFs

Grounding reduces the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that people are surrounded with due to our modern world such as computers, power lines, machinery etc. It is inevitable that we are going to come in contact with EMFs and some people develop sensitivities to them so Grounding can help balance the negative effects of them.

Shortens Recovery Time From Injury Or Athletic Activity

Practicing Grounding after an injury allows negative electrons to migrate into your body and spread through your tissues. Any positive free radicals that have leaked into the healthy tissue of your body, around where the injury has occurred, will immediately be electrically neutralized.

Reduces Snoring

If you sleep Grounded you enter into a deeper sleep cycle and thus you breath deeper and better so snoring is lessened and even eliminated in some cases.

Eliminates Feeling of Jet Lag

People live with a built in body cycle referred to as circadian rhythm. This cycle receives external clues from our environment such as temperature, light etc. Fast, long-distance travelling disrupts our inner circadian rhythm. The condition of jet lag is the feeling your body goes through while your circadian rhythm readjusts once you've arrived at your new destination. Jet lag can last several days unless you've been practicing Grounding in some form. Earthing eliminates jet lag headaches, dizziness and tiredness.

Improves Pregnancy

Earthing can increases fertility by normalizing hormone levels. Pregnant women report having less mood swings as stress levels are lowered as well as emotional hormones are balanced. There are more cases reported where the mother claims her energy levels are higher and labour is faster because of Grounding on a regular basis. There is also less cases of new mother's with postpartum depression who regular contact the Earth.

Helps With Self Regulation

Earthing neutralizes free radicals that kids are bombarded with such as external stimuli that come in the form of stresses - eating fast foods, bullying, excessive screen time, poor sleep habits etc. Earthing allows children to self regulate and internally adjust and choose what he or she needs to do at a particular moment. Self Regulation allows the child to think and act more clearly with the best choice and option and then the ability act on it.

Lessens Depression and Anxiety

With Earthing relating directly to cortisol levels, those who practice it are less irritable and report to feel less depressed and less anxious.

Promotes Healthy Feet

Your feet will love the benefits of Grounding. You'll find that while walking barefoot or by wearing Earthing shoes, your feet will be free from corns, blisters and soreness even after being up on them all day.

We'd love to hear how Earthing has helped you and what areas of your life you have noticed the most improvement in. Some people attest that it took some time for them to start noticing the benefits of Earthing while others say they noticed results right away. Whatever the case was for you, we would love to hear it. Drop us a quick email and we'll add your story to our testimonial page. From The Earthing Store, we wish you happy Grounding this spring!

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  • My whole family is now grounded. We each have a list of what earthing has done for us. There is 10 of us earthing. Better sleep is the only improvement that is common. We have been doing it for a week now. it is amazing.

    Earl Sherrer
  • Earthing shoes are shoes that are electrically conductive, most shoes insulate you from the grounds electrical potential. They are made usually with an electrically conductive plastic or vinyl.

    Think of it like an electrician, they would want non-conductive shoes in the event they come into contact with a live wire. We want them conductive in order to receive the grounding benefits.

    Uncle Jim
  • In the winter can you use sand in a roasting pot to put your feet in
    And what are earthing shoes


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