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Are Moccasins Good For Your Feet?

Classic, timeless, comfortable, but are they good for your feet? The answer is yes. Wearing genuine leather moccasins are good for your feet both therapeutically and when it comes to being in style, they are considered extremely good for your feet. But let's focus on what really matters - why are an age-old shoe still considered therapeutic when their design is quite contrasting from most common, cushioned and supportive footwear?

Traditional, soft sole moccasins are known to be a minimalist shoe because they have no arch support or cushioning. Although it is true that there are many other shoes out on the market that are designed for walking, comfort, or for those with foot issues that need good support, it is also true that genuine leather moccasins can be just as good if not better for your feet. It is said that wearing soft sole moccasins, without all the perks of supportive and cushioned shoes, actually strengthen your feet and calf muscles. This inner strengthening does not come from wearing cushioned or supportive footwear but from wearing the minimalist, classic moccasin. Wearing traditional moccasins for everyday walking or extended use up on your feet, will be quite therapeutic and comfortable without all fuss and fixings of other mainline shoes. Your feet will become strengthened, and are better able to support the function and natural movement of your body, without the influence of other supportive or cushioned shoes.

Soft sole moccasins also offer the wearer a more intimate, Earthing type connection with the ground while outside which offers its own list of benefits (see our blog "Stay Connected, You're Going To Love The Result"). If you are new to wearing moccasins then start in short time spurts and make sure you get some exposure to Earthing during part of the time you are wearing them. The strengthening properties of the minimalist shoe will then have to time start working in your body as well as the Grounding benefits so you will find there is no need to "break these shoes in" but rather build your feet up to support a stronger, better you.

Take a look at our soft sole moccasins that are ideal for Grounding and strengthening your feet. We have fast shipping, a great selection of classic moccasins and other stylish Earthing footwear for the entire family. We care about hearing from you so give us a call or send us an email. We like to make your online shopping experience as personal as possible at The Earthing Store. Make an order using our safe checkout, today. 

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  • Perfect PEACE!
    Recently,I found all other footwear has been bothersome to my feet! Found I have an extra bone on the left foot(known to be typical among BlackfootedBlackfeet!),wearing down left more & issues with a “cramp-like”; “band-like” feeling in the great toes! After being urged by the holy-elect-good angels to begin to wear my moccasins,the various issues have changed,like the moccasins are my natural alternative! I marveled & found this search to confirm my findings!
    WONDERFUL! Many thanks! Perhaps more of my Native relatives will return to our" ancient answers’!


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