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Earthing Flip Flops - A Must Have For Your Vacation

Pluggz Grounding technology might be the best thing you toss in your suitcase for your tropical vacation this year. Like any flip flop, Pluggz MAUI or KONA slip-ons are lightweight and don't take up much space in your luggage. However, what makes them more than your average, cheap sandal, is the way you will feel at the end of the day after wearing them. You really don't need to pack any other shoes for your trip. Save the space for souvenirs, or toss a few more colourful bathing suits or tropical outfits, in the bag instead.

Earthing Flip Flops For Women

The KONA Earthing Flip Flops for Women are perfect for Earthing while walking along the sandy beach or out shopping at the island market place. They are designed with Pluggz proprietary plug technology for Grounding while in connection to the Earth. Their feminine satin sheen, with matching straps and cute little side bling, will show off that pedi while casually at the beach, or that cute dress while out shopping. The comfortably designed soles are made of high quality rubber for long lasting wear with extra embedded support in the arches. In classy black or silver sheen, either are a versatile choice to easily pack in your luggage and conveniently match with anything in your tropical vacation wardrobe.

Earthing Flip Flops for Men

MAUI Men's Earthing Flip Flops are ideal for Grounding men's feet on sandy beaches or for a stroll along the boardwalk. Matching black or brown wide woven straps, with a comfortable smooth finish, allow men's feet to feel relaxed and at ease while wearing these flip flops. The MAUI Pluggz feature a cushy rubber sole with built-in arch support and a carbon centre plug conveniently situated beneath the ball of the foot that allows for maximum Grounding energy transfer.

Pluggz footwear gets you connected to the amazing natural Grounding benefits of the Earth and allows you to not only feel great, but look good too! We have fast shipping so it's not too late to pick up a pair to add to your packing list. Take advantage of the many benefits of quickly and easily shopping online such as our safe and secure checkout. Order today, while quantities last. For more information on Earthing please see one of our many informative Earthing blogs or give us a call today.
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  • Unfortunately this company is no longer in business. But you can check out HARMONY783, they have a large selection of earthing footwear.

    The Brown Bear
  • I’m trying to find grounding flip flops for men. I can’t find where I can purchase the MAUI Men’s Earthing Flip Flops. Can you send me the link to the page? Thanks

    Ben Gates

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