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How To Heal The Earth

At The Earthing Store we usually offer blog topics that talk about how the Earth can heal us by practicing Earthing. We thought since it's the season of gift giving it seemed fitting to discuss how we can give back to the Earth by making a lighter footprint on our planet. No single raindrop believes it's the cause for a flood so we're here to tell you that if we all do our small part we can help heal our Earth. Take a look at these practical tips to set you on the course for eco-friendly living.


Carpooling to any location whether it be for work, getting to a sporting event or traveling to a family gathering, takes one more vehicle off the road. Less exhaust fumes emitted into the atmosphere definitely helps make our world, and the air we breathe, a better place to live. When permissible, choose to walk, bike or take the bus. There are several times during the day we need to get somewhere so try to give up driving, for at least one of those times daily, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Watch What You Eat

A lot of energy is put into the growth and preparation of the food you eat from planting seeds to transporting it to the grocery store. Choose organic and or local foods as much as possible. Grow and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Seasonal and local foods require much less energy so they are always the best choice when it comes to energy conservation. Also consider eating whole foods as much as possible because a considerable amount of resources are put into packaging and processing food. Your body will thank you for it as well. Whole foods are the best fuel for the human body.

Proper Garbage Disposal and Recycling

From how you dispose of your garbage to how much you reduce, reuse and recycle has a significant impact on the weight you and your household have on the environment. You can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with landfills by disposing your trash correctly, recycling as well as composting organic waste. Use reusable containers where possible. Pack litter less lunches and stop or lessen the use of disposable items such as napkins, paper or styrofoam plates and cups, plastic utensils and water bottles. Watch those throw away coffee cups with the lids and sleeves. Instead, use a reusable coffee travel mug. Not only are reusable containers more eco-friendly, they are also better for your health and save you money.

Water and Energy Conservation

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and limit your time in the shower. If you have young children, teach them to do the same. Replace old appliances with energy efficient ones. Turn off your lights when you are not using them. During the day, enjoy the natural lights from your windows so you can keep your lights off as much as possible. As incentive, you'll enjoy the impact on your hydro and water bills as a result.

Buy Used

Think about buying used before buying new. Not only will you save money but you'll attribute to global impact reduction. Go to the library, buy used vehicles, visit second hand shops for clothing and toys. Also consider donating or reselling your old items before throwing them away yourself.

Heating and Cooling

If you adjust your thermostat by just 1 degree warmer during the summer and 1 degree cooler in the winter, again you'll save money. More importantly you'll reduce your energy by about a tenth throughout the year. Instead of running the air conditioner 24/7 during the summer, why not try opening your windows at night and using fans to cool your house down. The fresh air is also better for you.


Use a match instead of lighter to start a fire or light the BBQ. Matches are usually made from recycled paper. You'll also save landfills from the millions of plastic made lighters, filled with butane, that end up there.


With e-tickets nowadays there's no need to print a ticket for anything. Whether you are traveling, attending a sporting event or going to a movie you can use an electronic ticket to get you in as opposed to printing one or having a paper copy mailed to you. Paperless saves you, and the company, time and money and you don't have to worry about forgetting your tickets at home, losing them or having them stolen. You can also go paperless when it comes to receipts and bills. Receive and pay bills online and opt for e-receipts when possible. You'll not only save paper but also the lessen the fuel consumed by mail carriers. Use G.O.O.S paper at home like they do in schools. That is, paper that is good on one side instead of just throwing it in the recycling after one time use.

Reusable Bags or Bins

Use reusable bags or bins while shopping. Yet another way to save you money as most places require you to purchase plastic bags (in Canada) now when shopping. When purchasing smaller items and asked if you'd like a bag, or an envelope at the bank, politely refuse and use your pocket, purse or bag to safely place your money or items in.

Lawn and Garden Care

Treat your lawn and garden as green as possible by watering early in the morning during off peak hydro times. If possible use a pump from a lake or pond as opposed to your well water. Using rain barrels are also a great eco-friendly way to water plants. Treat any weeds with vinegar as opposed to pesticides. Do not use herbicides or any other environmentally hazardous products. Instead of using bags for clippings and leaves, use them as compost or fertilizer.

Eco-Friendly Christmas

Of course it's Christmas time so here's how you can be environmentally friendly during the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Send digital Christmas cards as opposed to delivering or mailing written or photo Christmas cards. Wrap your presents using paper from the previous year or reusable Christmas bags. If you have young children you can save old Christmas cards and let them reuse them. Have them cut out the pictures and or sayings to make new Christmas cards or artwork.

So while you continue to practice Earthing, remember to give back to the Earth by lessening your footprint on our planet. Try several of these tips or just commit to changing one habit and you can begin to contribute to the betterment of our Earth. Live simply, so others may simply live, as your gentle footprints today, will ensure there is still a path for those to walk on our green Earth, tomorrow.
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