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Practice Earthing With Elegance - Wear Anu Fold Up Ballet Flats

Summer holidays are long over and so is suntanning at the beach, bare feet in the sand and running around in flip flops. With the cool breeze and colorful fall leaves comes the crisp fresh air of fall and a needed change in your wardrobe. Time to slip back into some real shoes and continue to look and feel your best at work or for a girls night out. May we suggest a special pair of trendy flats that not only look sharp on, but offer your feet the rejuvenating energy booster that Earthing supplies when you wear Earthing shoes outdoors, on concrete, or on other conductive surfaces.

This October we want to feature our elegant, Anu Fold Up Ballet Shoes. These stylish Pluggz are more than just a typical ballet flat. The Anu offers a water resistant upper with an elasticized cuff to help your foot stay fitted and comfortable inside the shoe, with a heel tab to ensure easy on and off.
Like all our Grounding footwear, our fold up ballet shoes are made with our proprietary Pluggz technology crafted into comfortable, slip resistant, rubber soles. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of Earthing while wearing them, you will also like the cushy padded memory foam arches and heels as well as the moisture wicking, anti-microbial lining and signature trampoline heel for stability, support and comfort. Your bare feet won't sweat in these flats as the anti-microbial lining is breathable and lightweight making them also easy to fold up for traveling or storing in your car or locker.

At the Earthing Store we currently have in stock the black matte, red or camel gloss of these trendy and comfy ballet shoes. Perfect for traveling or everyday errand running, you'll find these style smart flats are both cute and comfortable. We offer fast shipping, affordable prices and helpful customer care. Treat yourself to the welcomed comfort of a recovery shoe after your yoga workout or an uptown evening spent in stilettos by slipping into a pair of elegant Anu ballet flats, today.

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  • We do not sell these anymore. If you do a google search for you can go directly to their website and see what stock they have available.

    The Brown Bear
  • What is cost

    Linda Kieliszewski

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