Why Wear Moosehide Moccasin Boots This Fall

There's no need to stop Earthing just because it's starting to get a little cooler with the fall weather settling in. We recommend wearing moccasin boots made of moosehide leather. Real natural leather is one of the best ways to practice Earthing when it comes to footwear. With traditional leather moccasins your entire footbed is in connection with the earth as opposed to just a small portion, like the ball of your foot, as is the case with most footwear specifically designed and made for Earthing.

Soft genuine moosehide leather, even doubled up on the sole, allows electrons to flow through so conductivity can occur while wearing these natural moccasin boots. Handmade in Canada with Native American style, all our traditional moosehide moccasin boots are perfect for walking around on natural terrains such as grass, dirt, sand or gravel. Even if the grass is damp or the leaves on the path are a bit wet, you can still wear your Earthing boots as a little bit of moisture just adds to their conductivity. A small amount of water is nothing natural leather, or your bare feet, can't handle.

The fashionable hand stitch vamp, stylish fringes, or in some cases, the Indian braid design on the top makes each style of moosehide moccasins quite exquisite to add to your fall attire. Wear them with pants, leggings, jeans, a skirt or a dress and you'll find they'll quickly turn into your "go to" footwear on most fall days. You'll be pleased to know that the ankle boot style keeps your foot a little warmer than a traditional Earthing moccasin or any other Grounding shoe, because it traps the heat in and around your foot. Available for both men and women, in a variety of different styles and colours, these authentic moccasin boots were designed with Earthing in mind. With a soft suede interior and strong leather laces, they are not only stylish but both comfortable and practical. Still no need to wear socks quite yet so enjoy the fact that winter hasn't arrived and get away with wearing a light pair of aboriginal moccasins boots this fall.

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No need to publish this – I’m just wondering if you have considered adding earthing socks to your product line. Some people say they wear them with Bastien mocs. FYI I bought a pair of mocs from your website today. Thank you!

Gary July 10, 2019

Hey, I tried messenger but got no responses. I want to order the ankle moccasin boots with the trim but my size (10) is back ordered. Any thoughts on when it will be available? TY.

Gretchen December 03, 2016

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