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Who Writes These Earthing Blogs Anyways?

Who Writes These Earthing Blogs Anyways?

I've been writing for The Brown Bear for 2 years now and want to share a little bit about myself with my readers. As a friend of the Scheuermann family, I was thrilled that they would let me start working for them back in the summer of 2014. My bosses, Francine, Natalie and Vanessa, all understood my desire to make a supplementary income as well as be a partially stay-at-home mom. I wasn't sure if I would be much of a writer, as I have a medial in mathematics and drama, but I was willing to give it a try. I was about to have another baby and did not have enough hours between my last baby and the one on the way, to receive a maternity leave. It was an answer to prayer to be able to stay at home and look after my little ones with this new work opportunity.

I started blog writing in July of 2014 and had my 3rd baby that September. My first blogs that summer were all about Earthing. One of my first ones was the Top 6 Easy and Practical Ways to Practice Earthing. Earthing was a new concept to me so I started reading Clint Ober's book, Earthing. The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? I learned so much about Grounding that summer and was eager to share it with my readers. I also became fascinated with the concept of Earthing. I've always been an all natural girl. I take my family to the chiropractor and naturopath as opposed to traditional medicinal practices and we try to eat a Paleo diet. I believe in daily exercises, limited screen time and lots of fresh air so Earthing seemed right up my alley. When I first thought about it, Earthing made total sense. I thought about how good my body felt when on vacation while walking barefoot in the sand and swimming in the salt water. Then there's the fact that everyone seems to be healthier in the summer months. I always thought it was just the fresh air and sunshine but started to realize it was all the barefoot time down at the dock, running barefoot through the sprinkler and kneeling in the garden that was having the radical effect on most people's health. So the blog ideas just started coming.

Of course I had to try some Earthing shoes to see how well they worked and to fulfill my slight shoe fetish. I got a pair of Earthing flip flops and also a pair of ballet flat Pluggz. I fell in love with both and started to notice some of the benefits of Earthing within my body. I wear the flip flops all summer long and the flats have had a lot of use as well. My feet feel great in both and prior to wearing them there is no way I could have worn shoes without ample arch support and not have tired and sore feet at the end of the day. If only I had discovered the idea of Grounding before I was pregnant with my first baby. Then I probably wouldn't have had to wear those horrible compression stockings!

I started writing page text or editing other written text as well as writing blogs for The Brown Bear's other 5 online stores: Moccasins Canada, Leather Moccasins, NEOS Overshoe Canada, Canadian Great Outdoors and The Big & Tall Store. With coaching from Vanessa, I learned more about the blog writing process and how to look at almost anything and turn it into an idea for a blog. I'd see someone all packed up for camping and think about how handy a pair of NEOS would be or go to a wedding and picture a pair of ballet flat moccasins as perfect dance shoes for the bride.

About the end of October I started packaging at the warehouse one day a week. The Scheuermann family, caring, supportive and understanding as they are, let me bring my little baby with me to work. I'd strap the baby on and pack up sheepskin boots, leather moccasins or Earthing slip-ons all ready to go out by mail or FedEx that day. During my breaks to nurse the baby, I'd start a blog or ask Natalie or Francine about some of the products I was planning to write about in the future. It was nice to familiarize myself with the products I was writing about and get a feel for how the company worked behind the scenes. I continued to go weekly to the warehouse all through the fall and into the winter until it was too difficult to take my little one with me to work. I continued to write blogs and once my baby turned a year I went back to supply teaching and have gone to the warehouse a few times since then to help package when not teaching at schools.

As a teacher I believe in helping students as they travel a life long journey of learning as well as give them the freedom to take risks and ultimately succeed. I feel my writing endeavour has been exactly that for me. I took a risk by trying something new that was not quite within my comfort level and found out that I love it and can help others by doing it. You are never too old to learn something new and I believe this is how we stay young and healthy; by continuing to expand our boundaries and look for new growth in ourselves and help foster it in others.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs and learn a little bit about the background work behind the blogs I write. Take a look at some of the high quality Earthing products and footwear we have to offer at The Earthing Store. We look forward to serving you in the near future.
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  • Cool! Thank you for sharing about yourself. I work at Pluggz Grounding Footwear and we just love you gals up there! <3


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