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5 Reasons Why Our Ballet Slippers Rock

5 Reasons Why Our Ballet Slippers Rock

Our ballerina style moccasins have been rocking it. They have been selling like CRAZY and our customers are giving them great reviews. Bastien Industries have done an amazing job with their new design of Ballet Slippers. Here are 5 reasons why we continue to sell ballet flat moccasins and why our customers love the latest Bastien Industries design.

1. It's in the ballerina name

Our Bastien Industries ballet moccasins are lightweight and flexible. They are called ballet slippers for a reason. While wearing them you feel light as a feather just like when you watch a ballerina dance around so gracefully and easily on her toes. Our leather ballet flats allow you to feel like you are walking barefoot but even better because you can slide around as you move. One customer remarks, "I wear them because of the soft soles and as house slippers. I am susceptible to falling [so I] like the soft soles because they slide but don't slip."

2. They're breathable

Your feet won't overheat wearing genuine leather as it is breathable. There's no need to wear socks or warm winter slippers during the summer months but it is nice to wear a light covering or slipper when walking on sand ridden floors or while outside in your yard. Real leather ballet moccasins are the next best thing to walking barefoot because of their breathability. One customers sums up wearing them quite nicely, "I love them and they are now my take off my shoes and live in them when I'm home slippers."

3. They're cute!

Our ballet flats are surprisingly cute on your feet. You may not think they are stylish by looking at a photo, but on your feet they look great. Don't be fooled by the front of the slipper appearing pointed. We have reviews from customers that claim they love the shape of these slippers and how they look distinctive. Found to be worn with a wedding dress or with jean shorts, there's no other slipper that's quite so versatile. If you like traditional Native style footwear, these will work great for what you are looking for. We have had several testimonials like this one, "I love the way these look on my feet!"

4. They're affordable

If you are looking for genuine leather slippers, you will find that our ballet flats are quite reasonably priced. Considering that they are handmade by Native Americans in Canada, out of Canadian leather, you will find that they are in fact extremely well priced. A customer claims, "The craftsmanship and quality of the leather are excellent and the price is incredibly reasonable." In general you may find Earthing shoes can be expensive. Another customer loves her ballet moccasins, she tried this style because she "wanted Earthing shoes and these were the best priced authentic ones [she] could find."

5. They're perfect for Earthing

Perfect for Earthing on soft terrain, our ballet flats with no foam insole allow you to practice Earthing just about anywhere. Wear them inside as a summertime slipper, on your cold concrete basement floor, out on the lawn, at the beach, or for a stroll along a dusty path. One customer remarks, "They are great for people who love to feel Mother Earth under their feet and enjoy the freedom of not having feet constricted in regular shoes." Another reviewer claims, "I wear them for walking in the park and on hiking trails, basically whenever I'm walking on the actual earth!"

Our ballet flat moccasins are hand stitched by Native Indian artisans, from Bastien Industries, and are featured on Leather Moccasins, Moccasins Canada, Amazon and The Earthing Store websites. Several customers claim they love their ballerina slippers so much they want to buy a pair in every colour. One customer advises, "Treat yourself - you won't be disappointed." So pick out a colour, or two, and order some ballet moccasins to try for your summer loafers of choice, today.
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