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What is Electrical Sensitivity and How Can Earthing Help?

What is Electrical Sensitivity and How Can Earthing Help?

Let's clear things up a little bit before we dive into this topic. Electrical sensitivity or electro sensitivity (ES) are those who are aware of the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) but are not adversely affected by them. Electrical hypersensitivity or Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) refer to those who have a physiological disorder or functional impairment and are noticeably effected by EMF's. Their condition usually intensifies when they are near such sources and sometimes takes several days or weeks for the effects to wear off. Humans are by nature electromagnetic and we are daily effected by EMF's. However, more and more people are discovering they must avoid EMF's in order to maintain good health and wellness as they have developed an EHS and have recurring symptoms of stress or illness when near an EMF source.

EHS can have a variety of different symptoms with different people attributed towards the exposure of EMF's. EHS is a real physical illness and can be clinically diagnosed. Such symptoms include sleep problems, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, headaches, concentration, memory, learning and immune system problems, heart palpitations, nausea, joint pain, inflammation and rashes. Several studies have also linked exposure to EMF's to many other diseases like chemical sensitivity, autoimmune disorders and even cancer. The appearance of symptoms when close to an EMF source and disappearance when not in contact can be some indicator if a person is electrically sensitive or not. However, to properly diagnose there is specific testing that can be done. Symptoms of ES or EHS can vary from person to person and can be mild or severe. Initial indicators are those who have quite dry skin and carry high electrostatic charges on their bodies. Not only touching someone else and giving them a shock, the charges can be passed to electronic equipment causing it to malfunction.

In many cases, patients that suffer from ES or EHS also have lower levels of vitamin D which indicates that they are not getting enough sunshine and therefore opportunities to practice Earthing by being outside barefoot. It is highly suggested that people with ES or EHS practice Earthing on a regular basis to dissipate the static charge in their bodies. Wearing conductive footwear or shoes made of natural materials is a great way to help guard against ES and EHS and alleviate the effects of static electrical build up within your body.

The Earthing Store has a great selection of Earthing footwear designed to help children, men and women, battle against ES and EHS. We have made an effort to keep our blog and FAQ pages up to date in order to answer the many Earthing questions that are out there. If you have any further questions or concerns about Earthing or our products, please do not hesitate to contact us and will get back to you in a timely manner. We enjoy helping our customers return to their normal electrical state so they can enjoy life free from ES and EHS.


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  • This is a great article…it is not often that I learn something new, since I have read all the books out there on EHS and Electromagnetic Fields by B.Blake Levitt is my Bible. I also am an EHS volunteer for CST in BC. I did not know about the dry skin (I have that) taking on charges. I have a high positive charge and many times the electrical ignition of my turbo-injected car fails on me all the time!!! Dr. Mallery Blythe has a great video on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for EHS with a list of protocols that provide relief. I prefer showers and grounding myself, for immediate effects!!!

    maria plant

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