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How To Rescue Your Moccasins If They Get Soaking Wet

How To Rescue Your Moccasins If They Get Soaking Wet

What do you do if your favorite Earthing moccasins get soaking wet? Follow these steps to ensure your leather boots or shoes maintain their integrity after becoming soaking wet.


If the leather is extremely saturated, you can lightly stuff them with paper towels or newspaper as soon as you take them off for about half an hour. The paper will draw the moisture out of the leather. Then you need to remove any laces, footbeds or orthotics and open them right up to allow the air to circulate through the wet leather. If the weather outside is warm and dry, then set them outdoors but not in direct sunlight. Otherwise set them up inside in front of a fan, wood stove or air vent and give them a good chunk of time to dry. It's important to be patient with the drying process. Never dry your leather Earthing shoes with a hair dryer or use extreme heat directly on the leather.


Once dry, you need to restore the natural oils back into the leather of your footwear. Use a high quality leather dressing such as Fiebing's All Purpose Leather Cleaner and Conditioner which is specially designed to clean and preserve grained, gloved, patent and smooth leathers. Keep in mind that your leather moccasins will absorb a natural conditioner easier than a synthetic one. Once conditioned, your moccasins should feel soft and properly moisturized once again.


Lastly, you can spray your now dried and restored moccasins with TANA All Protector to create an invisible shield that will keep them protected from future water incidences. The TANA All Protector will create an invisible barrier against water, snow, slush, mud etc. so your Earthing shoes or boots will be ready for the great outdoors once again. (please note, TANA All Protector may inhibit Earthing effects)

For more information and tips on treating or caring for your traditional moccasins, check out our Leather Moccasins blog, How To Protect Your New Leather Moccasins. You can easily practice Earthing in many different weather conditions as long as you have proper Earthing shoes or boots. Check out our different product pages to find a pair of leather moccasin shoes or boots. Make sure you take good care of them by protecting your leather Earthing footwear ahead of time. However, know that if they accidentally get wet, there is a way to save your moccasin shoes or boots by following the steps in this article.

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  • Excellent article. I bookmarked it.

    Getting you moccasins wet also has a “good” side to it; it is one of the best ways to fully form your moccasins to your feet. This is especially true of moccasins made of thicker or less flexible leather …it is also useful in forming the soles to your feet as well. Moccasins like Kaibabs have thick, white latigo leather soles that are very stiff. A good soak and wearing them while wet will soften and form these soles to your feet very easily.

    One point to be aware of; if your earthing mocs are made with any suede leather they will absorb water like a sponge. More importantly, it is highly unlikely you’ll be able to apply any type of leather cleaner or conditioner to suede.

    Thanks again for a great article.

  • ive grown up with the teachings wen you first put on your “never been worn” moccasins,they should be put on wet and worn until dry…
    afterwords,you can treat them with an oil to protect them etc… however in my research this has yet to be said,i do believe this is a very important factor in the care of ones moccasins…

    sharon smith

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