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3 Reasons To Wear Earthing Shoes While On Vacation

3 Reasons To Wear Earthing Shoes While On Vacation

As North Americans we bear the brunt of cold weather and often enjoy taking off on a Southern vacation to somewhere much warmer than here. Some place, where you don't need gasoline antifreeze, winter boots or a snowblower! A place where they don't have freezing rain, snow days or issues with frozen house pipes. Anywhere tropical, with a beach or a pool, where you can kick off your shoes, walk barefoot and relax.
With spring break vastly approaching, we thought we'd give you some advice on what to pack when it comes to footwear. Don't get us wrong. Go barefoot as much as you can on vacation, but for those times when you can't, wear Earthing footwear. That way you can reap the benefits of Grounding, and feel fully rejuvenated once you return home to possible ice, snow and winter boots!

So why take Earthing shoes with you on vacation? ...

1 They Pack Easily

Our Earthing shoes are quite easy to pack in your luggage as they are lightweight and compact easily. Take a look at our Groundals, for example. The footbed of these sandals feature a 3rd Planet's TerraPlus Footwear® material for full surface contact with the Earth and they don't take up any more space than any other pair of cheap, regular thong, sandals. Our stylish moccasins will also pack nicely, unless you want to wear them during travel of course, and they won't stink up your luggage because they are made of all natural leather or suede. Best of all, when you pack any Earthing footwear, you avoid the need to take along any socks!

2 They Match With Everything

There are many styles of Earthing shoes you can choose from. However, we suggest a pair of neutral coloured, soft-sole moccasins so you can take one pair of shoes to go with everything you would wear on vacation. Authentic moccasins can be worn with leggings, shorts, skirts, pants rolled up, dresses, jeans - basically anything you would pack to wear. Perfect for a stroll along the beach, short hike or dinner date, traditional leather moccasins are the ideal universal footwear. Alternatively, you could take a pair of trendy Pluggz, such as the Iris blue ballet flats, which can be worn with casual attire or used to dress up any outfit.

3 Your Feet Will Thank You

Because it can be more difficult to practice Earthing in Canada or Northern States during the winter months, take advantage of the nice weather and outdoors while on vacation. Walk around barefoot or wear Earthing footwear as much as possible. Give your feet maximum exposure to the Earth's healing power. Your feet will feel amazing during and after your vacation, not to mention the rest of your body. You will notice a decrease in fatigue and inflammation, better balance and an increase in your energy level, just to name a few of the many Earthing benefits.

At The Earthing Store we have several styles of Earthing footwear for men, women, children and babies that will work perfectly for your Southern vacation. Wearing Earthing footwear on your trip will allow you to fully rejuvenate your body while away from the North. It is well worth the purchase of some comfortable new Earthing shoes or sandals for the complete well-being of your family. Take a look a the different lines of Earthing footwear we have to offer and we can quickly ship you a pair in time for your March break holiday. We have a secure checkout, easy-to-use online shopping store with helpful customer care. Please check out one of our detailed product pages, today.
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