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Babies Can Practice Earthing Too

There's no need to leave the little ones out when it comes to Earthing. You might as well start them while they are young. We have a number of cute baby booties that allow little babies and toddlers to start Earthing as soon as they start walking. What makes these "Earthing" shoes is that our baby and toddler moccasins have soft leather soles without any foam or lining. The leather becomes conductive as the moisture from the ground mixes with the leather and transfers through the baby's nerve endings in his or her feet.
Walking outside can be difficult on the uneven, unpredictable ground so new walkers do best barefoot. However bare feet and babies are not the best combination for decks that offer slivers or grass that offers ticks, prickles and other uncomfortable substances found out on then lawn. In order for your child to be comfortable walking inside and outside you will need a pair of versatile slippers that will stay on and allow the Earth's healing power to transfer while he or she walks.
Today we want to highlight our Baby Bear Paw Moccasins. Made out of moose hide leather, these soft sole moccasins are perfect for babies just learning to walk during the summer. Our Baby Bear Paw Moccasins have a draw string that tightens the moccasins so they will actually stay on your baby's feet. Not only can your baby practice Earthing like you, he or she can look cute while doing so, with the adorable fringe and stamped bear paw on the sole. These baby moccasins are Canadian hand sewn by Huron-Wendat Native Americans so they have a traditional look and feel. Babies can be grounded too, with these uniquely designed, soft sole leather moccasins.
A pair of Baby Bear Paw Moccasins should be a staple item for your diaper bag. Order a pair for your baby, a birthday present or shower gift, today. You won't need anything else to wear on your baby once he or she starts to walk. Let the Earth's healing power positively impact your child buy purchasing a pair of baby Earthing moccasins. We have fast shipping and a great selection. You'll be pleased with our informative website and secure checkout. Start browsing at The Earthing Store, today.
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