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Why Oil Tan Leather Moccasins Make Great Earthing Shoes

For a more traditional Earthing shoes, some choose to wear real leather moccasins as a way of avoiding wearing something with a carbon sole or plug. Want to learn more about how leather sole moccasins can work as Earthing shoes? More specifically, read on to find out how oil tan leather works ideally as a sole for an outdoor Grounding shoe.
When you wear natural leather sole shoes the moisture surrounding the leather from the ground and your feet makes the material conductive. This conductivity allows the Earth's electrons to flow through to your feet and neutralize the free radicals within your body. This phenomenon is known as Earthing. Most moccasins have a synthetic insole which prevents this transfer from occurring. However, genuine leather moccasins feature no synthetic materials, only real leather soles. Therefore natural moccasins are conductive and make the perfect, most comfortable Earthing shoes when walking on the Earth's surface.
Authentic, Grounding moccasins in particular, have an extremely thick, durable and tough, oil tan, chromexcel sole, which makes them more durable than most soft sole moccasin style slippers. Moccasins with an oil tan sole have been custom manufactured specifically for those feet that would like to practice Earthing and also benefit from real leather moccasins that will last a long time. All of our oil tan, Earthing moccasin shoes are made with two layers of leather, the outer layer being the thick and heavy grade, oil tan leather making them extra durable and perfect for enjoying Grounding outdoors. If ever our real leather moccasins seem a little stiff when you first wear them, the leather will soften and become more flexible and mould to your feet as you break them in.
We have a couple styles of oil tan Earthing moccasins for both men and women hand sewn by Canada's top moccasin vendors, Bastien Industries and Laurentian Chief. We carry only the best in Earthing footwear so we aim to offer you the best customer service with an overall exceptional online shopping experience. We have a safe and secure checkout with competitive pricing. Enjoy free shipping this summer on orders over $100. We care about helping you practice Grounding this summer so don't hesitate to try a pair of high quality, naturally oil tan leather moccasins, today.
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  • I work right near a high tower and I also work on cement flooring which hopefully may be conducive I want a good pair of moccasins that you can wear on cement without too much damage and the shoes will last. Is this possible with your moccisins?

    carol johnson
  • Please keep me posted

    Lee Goldstein
  • Ah, dammit I am vegan and don’t want to compromise my ethical choice.

    Tracey Pettersen

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