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How To Comfortably Wear Soft Sole Moccasins Outside

Can you wear soft sole moccasins outside or are they just considered house slippers? The answer is yes, but if you want your moccasin slippers to hold up overtime outdoors, then you need to be mindful of a few things.

1 Be Mindful Of How You Walk

If you want the soft sole of your moccasins to last when you walk outside, then you need to take note of how you walk. Dragging or scuffing your feet while walking will allow the soles of your leather shoes to deteriorate rather quickly, especially when walking on rougher surfaces such as concrete or gravel. When practicing Earthing and wearing soft sole shoes outside, try to be conscious of lifting your feet straight up as you step and the sole of your shoe will last much longer.

2 Regularly Use Protectant

It's a good idea to spray the soles of your traditional moccasins with TANA leather protector spray. You may also want to take into account what the weather is like when you are outside Earthing. For instance, walking on moist grass or rougher surfaces will put more wear and tear on the soft soles of your shoes and therefore you may need to use protectant care more regularly. Please note: TANA All Protector may inhibit the electrons from transferring into the soles of your feet, please read this blog to find a natural way to protect your moccasins.

3 Watch Where You Walk

There are many different terrains you can practice Earthing on such as concrete, pebbles, rocks, sand, dirt and grass. Rough surfaces such as concrete and rocks will wear out the sole of your moccasins quicker than walking on softer surfaces and may not feel as comfortable to walk on. Dirt, grass and sand are much easier on the soles of your shoes as long as they are not wet. The moisture is not bad for Earthing, it actually increases conductivity. However, it is harder on the natural leather on the sole of your shoe. Simply dust off any sand and dirt or properly dry out any wet soles, respray with Tana All Protector and you should be good to wear them outside again. Read how to restore you moccasins if they get soaking wet here.

4 Make Them More Comfortable

If you find wearing your soft sole moccasins outside on different terrains is a little awkward because it feels like walking around in bare feet, you can make them more comfortable by inserting sheepskin insoles. Sheepskin insoles will add cushioning to the soles of your feet and warmth if you find your feet are getting cold from wearing your moccasins out in the fall.
Take a look at some of the soft sole moccasins we have to offer at The Earthing Store. Our classic moccasin footwear has been designed and crafted by Native American artisans, in Canada. We have fast shipping, great prices and helpful customer service. Our genuine leather moccasins make them the perfect Earthing shoe or household slipper. We hope you take these four tips into account and get the most out of your Earthing moccasins. We want our high quality shoes to last you many seasons so you can enjoy Earthing for years to come.
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  • I bought the men’s earthing moccasins for my husband. He wears L.L. Bean shearling lined moccasins in the winter and it’s HOT in Texas now. He wanted an unlined native style moccasin. He loves them. The quality is very good. I don’t know why that style is being retired but it was on clearance.

    Leanna Echols
  • Thanks so much for sharing this info. I’ve been dreading putting shoes back on this year, as the weather gets colder. I feel the difference in the energy, and lack there of. I’ve been hesitant to go to moccasins, with the smooth leather soles, considering everything. I don’t like any of the other options though. Feeling it’s my best option now, with help from your article.

  • In response to Little Cub – You can read more about Earthing by clicking another blog post we wrote here:

    The Brown Bear

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