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Beach Energy

Beach Energy

There’s something about the beach. It’s more than just a summer vibe or holiday destination. It’s a feeling, a sensory experience...

The sound of waves lapping against the shore.

The warm sun on your skin.

The smell of salt air.

The cry of gulls overhead.

The echo of a shell against your ear.

The wet sand between your toes.
Woman on the beach walking barefoot practicing earthing.
Have you ever wondered why spending time at the beach is somehow both energizing and calming at the same time? Why you sleep so well after a day of swimming, sun and sand?

The answer is: Earthing.

It’s that vital connection with nature so necessary to our physical and mental health.

Earthing, or grounding, occurs when we come into direct contact with the earth’s surface or elements by walking barefoot outdoors, or swimming in lakes and oceans. Studies show that our bodies are stabilized and restored by the absorption of the planet’s natural electrons. Wellness benefits include: strengthened immunity, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, enhanced mood and vitality, accelerated healing, and more.
Woman on the beach with her bare feet against the sand with a pair of Telic sandals resting beside her.
The new Telic Energy Flip Flops let you bring that beach energy with you wherever you go!

Energy Flip Flops are designed for ultimate foot comfort and athletic recovery. They’re fitted with a copper rivet to allow conductivity between the earth and your feet, without having to go barefoot.
A pair of Telic Energy Flip Flops converted into earthing sandals by inserting a copper rivet into the soles of the sandals.
Pillow-soft, and contoured to prevent foot fatigue, Energy Flip Flops are lightweight, waterproof, and highly durable. Their shock-absorbent, orthotic-grade footbed provides superior heel and arch support, with textured surface for a gentle massage sensation underfoot.
Wearing a pair of Telic Energy Flip Flops in black at the beach.
Energy Flip Flops are made with Novalon® Eco (30% recycled materials) which is tested to be latex- and allergy-free. This material is designed to provide maximum cushioning, rebound, and elasticity.

Thong sandals have long been associated with beaches and summer days, but Energy Flip Flops are a definite upgrade, They are especially beneficial for long-term wear, balancing weight distribution and reducing pressure on your knees and back.
Energy Flip Flops are made with Novalon and are especially beneficial for long-term wear, balancing weight distribution and reducing pressure on your knees and back.
[Image courtesy of Telic]

Capture that beach energy with Telic Energy Flip Flops, and enjoy the benefits of earthing combined with exceptional comfort. Available in Cherry Red, Dolphin Grey, and Black, in sizes 3XS - 4XL. Consult the Sizing Guide for your best fit.

Note: If you do not wish to earth/ground with these sandals, the copper rivet can be omitted. See product listing on our website for details.
Women's energy flip flops by Telic in three colors.
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