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Women's Earthing Flip-Flops Copper Rivet Energy Telic

SKU: MADFlip-CH-XS (16.16.32)
Regular price $ 66.00 USD

Color: Cherry Red


Our Energy Flip-Flops feature an anatomically correct footbed and come in three vibrant colors. Designed to contour to your feet and support your arches, these sandals also have a deep heel cup with excellent medial arch and metatarsal support. 


The slight heel rocker relieves heel pressure and enhances arch support. And with the added copper rivet on the footbed, not only will you feel comfortable and energized, but you'll also be connected to the earth's revitalizing energies, boosting your energy levels.


*If you do not wish to earth/ground with these sandals, we can omit the copper rivet. Please use coupon code NO-RIVET at checkout for $10 off and NO rivet will be inserted causing the sandals NOT to ground you.

Energy Flip Flop Sizing Guide

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