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Grounded in Style

Grounded in Style

Everyone knows the ideal summer trifecta is: Backyard. Beach. Barbecue. And in hot weather, you need comfortable, casual footwear that helps you stay cool, in more ways than one. If you’re lucky, you can even find a pair of sandals that will promote your health and well-being.
Sandals for Earthing
There has been much discussion in the world of fashion about guys who wear open-toed shoes. We think it’s time to overthrow the debate. Boho’s Leather Thong Sandal for men is superior by far to the average “flip-flop” or “mandal,” in looks, quality, and comfort — especially with its extra earthing feature.
Sandals for earthing outside grounding

Comfort & Style

This sandal has upscale casual European styling, with simple slip-on convenience. The genuine leather upper and insole kicks it up a notch in quality and design, and also feels great on bare feet. The flexible toe thong and dense sole add to the relaxed look and feel of this classic summer staple. A dapper sandal that will take you from town to country in a single step.
sandals for earthing with upscale casual European styling and simple slip-on convenience


The Leather Thong Sandal for men comes in three handsome shades of leather, each with a unique look and texture.

Fort Worth Brown: A warm, rich shade of chestnut with traditional leather grain.

Black: Smooth, sleek, and classic licorice black.

Grey: A smoky neutral with soft suede texture.

Whether your grilling burgers for your family, or living the dock life, each color is versatile enough to wear with any piece from your summer wardrobe: shorts, jeans, khakis, or swim trunks.

For more details and to order online, please visit the link below.

brown grey and black flip flops for men for earthing and grounding


This sandal has a secret weapon: a small copper rivet installed in the outsole for earthing purposes.
copper rivet inserted into the soles of sandals for earthing
Earthing or “grounding” connects us with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Copper conducts naturally occurring electrons from the ground up through the sole of the sandal so that they can be absorbed into the skin via the bare foot.

Science has demonstrated that the Earth’s electrons rejuvenate and stabilize our cells, neutralizing free radicals. Research increasingly shows earthing can initiate many positive changes in our body, from accelerated healing, to relief of pain and inflammation, to improved sleep and circulation.
bo·ho sandals for earthing for men
The Copper Rivet Leather Thong Sandal for men will help you beat the heat, as well as look and feel your very best.

Ground yourself this summer in style!
enjoying a summer stroll in cute down town with earthing sandals
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