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Old World, New Connection

Old World, New Connection

We live in an incredible moment in time; a time in which we are blessed with modern conveniences and advancements. If we choose, we can integrate contemporary advantages with the best aspects of tradition, the lessons and evolutions of the past.

In some ways, we really can have the best of both worlds.
women's stylish old world shoes black
Historically, people have had a stronger connection to nature than we do now. More of us worked outdoors, and with our hands. Communities, labor, and social events largely revolved around the changing seasons. Life was harder in many ways, but also simpler, and we had a better understanding of the delicate balance between humanity and the natural environment.
old fashion antique style shoes for men minimalist zero drop
The business of modern living today often keeps nature at a distance. We have greater comforts, but less time to enjoy them. Life is easier on certain levels, and yet somehow more complicated.

As technology advances and we strive to achieve more, aim higher, work faster, we are also reminded of the importance of authenticity and getting back to the basics. These days, it seems like we are rediscovering the healing power of the natural world. It refreshes us, body and soul.
old world western style leather minimalist zero drop shoes
Yemeni shoes are an example of this hearkening back to simpler times.

With a history dating back 600-700 years, this heel-less, soft leather footwear is the traditional shoe of the Southern Anatolia region (Asia Minor). Today, they are still handmade in Turkey, but with modern styling and a special twist.
heel-less soft leather footwear is the traditional shoe of the Southern Anatolia region Asia Minor
Yemeni shoes are crafted with strong, supple buffalo leather, vegetable-tanned and hand- stitched with stout cotton thread. Even the soles are made with dense leather; there is no insole. They are designed to feel as close as possible to a naturally flexible, barefoot experience.

To emphasize their earthy connection, these unique Yemeni-style shoes have been fitted with a special copper rivet, for grounding purposes. Earthing, or “grounding” is the practice of absorbing our planet’s natural electrons through the feet, which help to stabilize and heal our body. Copper, being conductive, facilitates this process, introducing countless health benefits.
Yemeni-style shoes have been fitted with a special copper rivet for grounding purposes
Click here to learn more about earthing: articles/20-benefits-to-earthing

At one time, the relationship between humans and the natural world was a necessary part of daily life and survival. Today, we recognize the benefits of this relationship in terms of mental and physical health and wellness.

A Yemeni shoe unites authentic craftsmanship and materials with the modern science of earthing, for footwear that is both traditional and innovative. Available in two colors (Tan and Black) in both Men’s and Women’s sizes.
Yemeni bo·ho earthing shoes for men and women
For more details and to order online, please visit the links below. Make a new connection with nature via old world-inspired Yemeni Shoes.


men's and women's yemeni earthing shoes with copper rivet
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  • Gorgeous pictures taken in my very own hometown! Thank you, so beautiful!


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