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Grounding To Go

Grounding To Go

multi-use grey earthing mat
Grounding or “earthing” is a therapeutic technique focused on connecting ourselves with the earth’s natural magnetic field.

We can do this by walking barefoot, swimming, and sitting or sleeping on the ground, but earthing can also be achieved by using special conductive products for earthing such as: shoes, bands, sheets and throws, and grounding mats.
taking your earthing on the go with a grounding pad
Scientific research has increasingly demonstrated that the human biofield benefits greatly when its electric frequencies align with the earth’s. These benefits manifest themselves in many healthy and positive ways: improved sleep, relief from pain, enhanced blood circulation, quicker healing, decreased inflammation, and reduced stress.

As much as we would like to regularly reconnect with nature, the constant rush of our daily routine can make it challenging to find time to ground ourselves. But a Multi-Use Pad for earthing provides a convenient solution.

A portable, lightweight earthing product, the Multi-Use Pad for earthing is a 23.5” x 15.5” conductive mat that can be used virtually anywhere. Plug it into any grounded outlet or grounded surge protector, and place it on your chair, behind your back, under your bed sheet, etc. Grounding can be accomplished while you work, watch television, read a book — anytime you want to re-charge and enjoy the healing effects of earthing.
plugging in earthing cord into grounded outletrelaxing while sitting on earthing pad
According to biophysicist James Oschman:

“The moment your foot touches the Earth, or you connect to the Earth through a wire, your physiology changes... Earthing is the easiest and most profound lifestyle change anyone can make.”
standing on grey earthing pad
Click this link to view the many products for earthing now available and explore the benefits of this natural phenomenon.

The Multi-Use Pad for earthing gives you the freedom to experience grounding therapy everywhere you go.
earthing multi use pad grey
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  • In response to Irene: You would need to put the Earthing Pad on top of your Chilipad to get the Earthing benefits. Another great option would be to use the Earthing Sheets.

    In response to Tina: Yes, grounding is not possible when you use a synthetic fabric, between you and the pad. The same can be said when using your Earthing shoes. To enable grounding to take place always wear natural fiber such as cotton or silk.

    The Brown Bear
  • I use a Chilipad on my bed to maintain restful sleep temperatures without EMF of an electric blanket. It is on top of my bed under the top sheet. Would I put the earthing pad under it and still get the benefits? Or would itbe better with Earthing sheets?

  • Is grounding disrupted if you wear a synthetic fabric, (ie not cotton or wool) between you and the pad? What about if you wear synthetic socks between your bare skin and your earthing shoes as you stand on bare earth?


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