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Relaxation. Rest. Repose.

Relaxation. Rest. Repose.

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Sleep is the ultimate luxury in a world that grows faster, busier, and more demanding every day.

Our days are full; every moment counts. We have responsibilities to our families, our jobs, our homes, our friends, our teams or clubs, and to ourselves. We carry laptops and smartphones everywhere we go so that we are accessible and accountable at all hours of the day. Yet, even as we exhaust ourselves, we lie awake at night, unable to shut down our mind, our body.

24/7 is the new 9 to 5. No wonder we can’t sleep.

Our hectic lives are led predominantly indoors, where we miss out on the benefits of nature’s elements: the sun, the wind, the water, and the earth. Especially, the Earth. Research now suggests that this disconnect may be responsible for a variety of ailments, from chronic inflammation to insomnia.
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The earth’s surface has a natural electric field, providing a limitless and renewable supply of electrons. Likewise, the human body runs on electric currents that send messages to limbs, organs, and muscles, “charging” and energizing them to operate. Scientific studies are beginning to show that the function of our bodies is stabilized when we conduct the Earth’s electrons via earthing or “grounding” practices. These include: walking barefoot or in conductive footwear, swimming, or sleeping on the ground.
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In modern societies, sleeping on the ground seems primitive and downright uncomfortable. But there is a way to harness the healing energy of the Earth and improve the quality of your sleep, without having to give up your bed.
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Grounding or earthing sheets are an incredible and effective way to re-charge your body’s energy all night long.

Made from soft, natural cotton fibres and pure silver grounding thread, a sheet for earthing protects your body from the EMF exposure of phones, computers and other electronics. It comes with a grounding wire that plugs into the ground port of your wall outlet, connecting you to the Earth’s natural electrons. Benefits include: better sleep, pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved healing and recovery and many more benefits.

The fitted sheet for earthing is available in 4 bed sizes here:
close-up of silver thread earthing sheets
For optimal results, please read and follow washing instructions, as certain chemicals or additives in some laundry products may compromise the conductive silver threads. Grounding sheets should be replaced after approximately 50 washes - or once a year - whatever comes first.

Give yourself the gift of sleep, free from electrostatics and EMFs. Neutralize your body’s free radicals with the healing influence of the Earth’s energy.

Ground your bedding, ground your body.
Grounding earthing fitted sheets
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