The Gift of Earthing

winter moccasin earthing boots
Modern science has only just begun to discover the benefits of earthing and grounding ourselves with the earth’s electrons. But ancient Aboriginal tribes have always recognized a profound connection to our planet and the natural world.

Moccasins and moccasins boots are the original shoes for earthing. Synthetic materials prevent us from absorbing and benefiting from the earth’s energy. Vinyl, nylon, plastic, and rubber soles make up most of our footwear, and all are non-conductive. However, authentic moccasins - made with genuine hides and leather soles - are natural conductors for grounding.
close up of moose hide authentic earthing moccasin boots
Men’s Moosehide Sheepskin Moccasin Boots by Bastien Industries are crafted on the Huron-Wendat reservation in Quebec, in the faithful tradition of generations of indigenous communities. Handcrafted with supple moose hide and lined with wool, they provide warmth and comfort, as well as the benefits of earthing.
sheepskin insulated moccasin boots
With its ankle-high boot shaft, the rawhide laces can be fastened snugly at the top, or tied halfway for a more relaxed fit. The vamp is carefully hand-stitched, and the sole is fabricated from dark, oil-tanned leather. Available in Men’s sizes 7-13.
earthing winter moccasin boots
Bastien Moosehide Boots are entirely lined with real sheepskin to keep your feet dry and cozy. Sheep’s wool naturally provides the perfect blend of insulation and breathability, creating a comfortable and moisture-free footbed.

Genuine sheepskin insoles can be purchased separately to upgrade the warmth of any shoes for earthing without compromising their conductibility.
sheepskin insoles
Indigenous peoples have long been committed to honoring the spirit of Nature and the animals who share our world. The moose and its hides are a particular object of gratitude and acknowledgement. In the words of the Bastien workshop:

“The Huron-Wendat recognized the favours that Mother Earth supplied them and demonstrated their gratitude... it is with great pride that we cary on this tradition of respect and acknowledgement towards the generosity of the Great Spirit.”

Earthing is one more gift we can be grateful for.
cozy moccasin boots by the fire

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