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New Wider Sizes

New Wider Sizes

We’re happy to introduce Yemeni minimalist shoes for the wider foot!

These Turkish “barefoot” leather shoes are inspired by old world, traditional footwear, created to better connect us with nature. Customized with a copper rivet, they are specifically designed with earthing practices in mind.

After featuring the Yemeni minimalist shoe last spring, we have had many requests for it to be offered in wider sizes for men and women. We’re listening!
Wide fitting earthing shoes bo·ho Yemeni
When it comes to shoes, getting the right fit is everything. Too tight or badly-fitting shoes can lead to pain and discomfort, and no one wants to walk around with sore or pinched feet. The extra-wide Yemeni footbed is made of dense, hand-stitched leather with a zero-drop sole.

Crafted with beautiful, caramel coloured Tan leather, the vamp is firm, but supple, and will stretch slightly and become softer over time as it moulds to your personal footprint. Elasticized panels on either side add flexibility and easy slip-on convenience.
bo·ho yemeni earthing shoes by The Brown Bear

What is a Minimalist Shoe?

Minimalist or “barefoot” shoes help us return to the natural sensation of walking, unimpeded by thick artificial soles or heels.
Women's wide earthing shoes with a copper rivet in sole
Most shoes actually work against the natural human gait. Falsely built up soles or toe springs can place weight and pressure on parts of our feet (like the arch) that were never meant to support it. A minimalist shoe strengthens our feet, ankles, and legs by allowing each step to land naturally and to feel the ground underneath, as if barefooted.
women's wide yemeni minimalist earthing shoes
Minimalist shoes offer a flexible outsole and vamp, more toe room, and a flat “zero-drop” insole (no arch support) to promote a more organic posture.

The Earthing Component

Our new, wide Yemeni shoes are conductive for earthing!
Copper rivet in shoes for earthing allowing conductive flow of electrons
Studies continue to show that earthing, or “grounding,” provides countless benefits to the human body, from improving sleep to reducing inflammation to stabilizing our nervous system. The copper post inserted into the bottom sole of the shoe channels the earth’s electrons directly from the ground to your bare foot, where they can be absorbed into your body. Not only do these minimalist shoes help improve leg and foot muscles, but they also create an earth connection that can positively affect your health and well-being.
men's western style barefoot shoes
Please visit the following links to order online and for more information on our new wide sizing.

Wider-width Yemeni shoes are available in Men’s sizes 40-50 and Women’s sizes 36-42.


Men's or women's barefoot wide yemini earthing shoes
Our Yemeni shoes for earthing were previously featured (in standard sizes) in the article “Old World, New Connection.” Check it out!
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