Women's Earthing Shoes Wide Yemeni Copper Rivet

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These trendy slip-on shoes have an antique style with a hint of the West. Please enjoy our blog featuring these wide fitting Yemeni shoes for men and women "New Wider Sizes". They come with a leather upper in Tan. The leather is durable, yet super flexible and moldable for ultimate comfort. The soles are sewn by hand with a unique stitching using a thick cotton thread. These barefoot shoes are designed with a wide foot in mind. The footbed is extra wide giving your toes lots of wiggle room. In order to create an earth connection there is a pure copper rivet which is secured through the sole that touches both the ground and your foot. This allows conductivity and electron flow to occur from the earth to your body. The soles are zero-drop with no arch support made from a heavy dense leather for an ultimate barefoot feeling. These women's slip-on shoes are The Brown Bear's bo·ho brand of footwear hand-crafted in Turkey. We carry ladies sizes 36-42. We recommend you order the same as your shoe size. If you wear a half size order down to the nearest full size. (Size 8 ½ order size 39) See size chart to convert EU sizes to US.


Certain shoes are available at a discount price do to small flaws. Available in size 37 to 42.  Please email us directly with your shoes size and we will email you a photo. Final Sales Only


MaterialGenuine Leather Upper
SolesDense Leather
InsolesNo Insoles, Zero Drop
ManufacturedThe Brown Bear - Turkey
SizesFull Sizes 36-42
FitSame as Regular Shoe Size
1/2 Sizes Down


These slip-ons should fit snug at first, and then begin to stretch and mold to your feet over time. Depending on frequency of wear, they will stretch between a few days and a few weeks. Please be patient during the break-in process. If your toes touch the edge of the shoe but do not "curl" or hurt, they should be the correct fit as they will stretch. We recommend wearing them indoors for a few hours to ensure you have the right fit. Wearing socks might also help speed up the break-in period. If you shoes need to be stretched in specific places or just slightly more, please bring them to a local cobbler and they will be able to professionally stretch them. 


Women's Size Conversion Chart


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