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No Need to Feel SAD

No Need to Feel SAD

Sometimes when winter kicks in, so do the winter blues.

Shorter days, less sunlight, and colder temperatures can affect our daily moods and the nerve centers in our brain. This can result in a variety of side effects that leave us feeling lethargic, withdrawn, and out of sorts.
winter blues depression
Symptoms include:

- feelings of sadness or despondency
- changes in sleeping patterns
- lack of energy or motivation
- irritability
- difficulty concentrating
- excess fatigue

If you have ever felt this way when the seasons change, you’re not alone. According to mental health resources, approximately 3%-5% of North Americans experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
cold frost freezing rain on windows
One of the most effective, non-medicinal remedies for SAD is light therapy. Scientists and medical professionals believe that increased daily exposure to high-intensity light helps alleviate seasonal depression and its side effects.
Luxor Light Therapy Pyramid
The Luxor Lamp was specially designed for light therapy, casting bright, evenly dispersed non-UV light without flickering or humming. It delivers 10,000 LUX (units of illumination) at up to 12 inches, which is the recommended measure for treating SAD. It is constructed with a white stainless steel base and frame, and a sliding diffuser screen for convenient bulb changes.
light therapy pyramid helps SAD winter blues
The Luxor’s unique pyramid shape adds visual interest to your desk or decor. Pyramids have long held a special significance in healing and spiritual communities, promoting health and well-being. Its soft glow will surround you with warmth and light during the coldest, darkest days of the year.
light therapy to help with winter depression SAD
With Covid restrictions in place this year, Winter 2020/2021 could leave us all in need of a little extra brightness. Studies have shown that 30 minutes to two hours of light therapy can be as effective as anti-depressant medication. Consider giving yourself a boost!

For more information or to order online, please visit:

Brighten your day and your mood with Luxor!
Luxor Light Therapy Pyramid Northern light technologies
Important Note: Many symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder are similar to those of clinical depression. If your symptoms persist, worsen or are accompanied by suicidal thoughts, consult your doctor or seek help right away.

For a list of mental health resources and support in the U.S., please visit:

For a list of mental health resources and support across Canada, please visit:
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