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Silver Lining

Silver Lining

silver anti bacterial scarf
The human body naturally conducts electricity. Our bodies run on charges and signals from the brain to power the function of our muscles, organs, nerves, etc. Every cell in us has its own electromagnetic field. These biomagnetic fields are affected by all the other electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround us — those that occur in nature, and those that are man-made.

The Earth has a natural magnetic field that can initiate healing with therapeutic results. Ongoing studies show that the practice of earthing or grounding (which connects us to the earth’s EMF) can promote many health benefits.

Man-made EMFs are a little more complicated. There are two different kinds of electromagnetic frequencies: extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs, and high frequency RFR (radiofrequency radiation.)

Low frequency EMFs include objects that plug into, use, and conduct electricity, such as: wiring and lighting; or things that run on a battery, such as: vehicles and portable equipment.

High-level radiofrequency radiation (RFR) is generally found in telecommunication devices that transmit information; for example: cell and radio towers, wifi routers, tablets and laptops (using wifi), Smart phones, cordless phones, Smart TVs and gadgets, car radios (using satellite or bluetooth), and retail scanners. These items all produce electromagnetic waves that can pass through walls as well as human tissue and the objects around us.

Research into the long-term health effects of exposure to EMFs is on-going, as science endeavors to keep up with the pace of technology. While mainstream sources say RFR is safe, many people still report experiencing electro-sensitivity, and some studies provide conflicting evidence, while others remain inconclusive.
earthing products
Healthy & Grounded recognizes electro-sensitivity (ES) as a clinically identifiable illness. Our website focuses on helping you find ways to connect with the earth’s natural electromagnetic field. From mats and sheets to ground you when you can’t be outdoors, to copper-riveted sandals and footwear for earthing for when you can, our products will aid you in exploring the benefits of earthing therapy.

We are currently featuring a unique new item in our online store that not only provides protection against low frequency EMFs, but from germs and bacteria as well.
silver fabric mesh scarf
Introducing our anti-bacterial mesh scarf... an incredible fabric piece made up of delicately woven genuine silver threads. As light and shimmery as a cloud, it is far more than just a pretty accessory, however; it’s your secret weapon in this time of Covid-19 and as we enter into cold and flu season.

Silver has been recognized for centuries for its anti-microbial properties, and is still used in the medical field today to improve healing and sterilize medical devices. It is a natural disinfectant that repels and kills infectious microorganisms at a rate of 99% effectiveness.
silver mesh scarf anti bacterial
At the generous size of 14” x 80” (36cm x 200cm) this eco-friendly silver scarf will shield you from viruses and prevent the further spread of germs. It can be worn at the neck, or over the mouth like a mask, or used to wipe your hands and disinfect any surface — such as a door handle or shopping cart — before you touch it. Reusable and naturally self-sanitizing, it may be easily washed with organic mild soap (no chemicals) and air-dried.
anti-bacterial silver mesh scarfanti-bacterial silver mesh scarf
Please visit our website for more details:

We think it’s incredible that something so sheer and lightweight can not only provide protection against low-frequency EMFs, but also guard against potentially dangerous germs and bacteria.

Truly, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and this scarf is it.
anti-bacterial silver mesh scarf
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  • what % silver is in the fabric
    Sandy M.
  • In response to Celia:

    There is only 1 color available (taupe) and the cost is (as of Jan 8, 2020) SMALL $56 and LARGE $96.

    The Brown Bear
  • What is the price of the scarf? What colors are available?

    Celia A Madden

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