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It’s All In The Wrist

It’s All In The Wrist

Sometimes, we can’t stop to take a break at the moment we’d really like to.
overloaded with paperwork desk
Sometimes, we’re on a deadline, over-extended, and drowning in paperwork.

In those moments, it would be wonderful to press the pause button and step outside to kick off our shoes and ground ourselves, even just for a few minutes. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible.

Research has proven that stress and anxiety levels are greatly reduced when we connect with nature. Increasingly, studies show that our bodies respond positively to the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. Walking barefoot, swimming at the beach, or even just sitting in the grass replenishes our body with free electrons, improving our health and wellness.
connection to the earth and grass earthing grounding
But many of us work indoors and are unable to leave our duties long enough to visit the park or take a forest walk, no matter how much we wish we could. And sometimes that tension follows us home from the office in the form of sleepless nights, pain and inflammation, a compromised immune system, or even depression.

Products for earthing can help.

A grounding wrist band, in particular, is a versatile solution for tapping into the Earth’s positive charge.
grounding earthing wrist band
Made of lightweight cotton with pure silver threads, this cuff comes with a 16 ft. connecting cord that plugs into any grounded outlet or surge protector. The silver provides a conductive source for electrons that act as natural antioxidants, promoting pain relief, healing, relaxation, and improved sleep.

A grounding wristband also neutralizes frequencies to protect you from EMF exposure in cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. It attaches with velcro for a customized fit, and can be worn while working at a desk, reading, watching television, napping, knitting - almost any sedentary activity.
wearing earthing wristband at computer on phone
Its convenient size makes it easy to carry to and from work, or even take on extended trips and vacations.

When life is hectic and you have to power through, wear a grounding wristband and re-charge your body with the Earth’s healing energy. It’s the break you need and deserve, even when there isn’t time take one.
plugging earthing products into grounded outlet indoors
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  • I just want to say that I am so happy with the quality of my grounding sheet and cord. I bought a wrist band and cord from another source and the quality of the cord was pitiful. It was thin and I kept getting an electric shock from it. So, I started using my good thicker cord from my sheet set, and the little shocks stopped. I want to order 3 wrist bands, but, I could only chose for men OR women’s.
    I actually need 1 man’s and 2 women’s wrist bands.
    Is there a way to order both?


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