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Getting Grounded - Indoors & Out

Getting Grounded - Indoors & Out

“To be grounded, is to be rooted in oneself.”
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Grounding or earthing is a natural process that promotes wellness and vitality. It means connecting with the Earth’s natural energy to rest and re-charge our own.

Our bodies run on electric currents; signals sent from the brain to our limbs, organs, and senses, keeping us alert and alive. Likewise, the earth has a natural electro-magnetic field, and when we make direct contact with it - via barefoot walking, sitting on the ground - we connect with a wide range of positive side effects.
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Science is beginning to recognize the healing power of earthing. Studies show that earthing and grounding results in many health benefits: better sleep, pain relief, improved circulation, faster healing, decreased inflammation, and reduced stress.

Continued interest and research in this area has resulted in the development of many new products designed to promote grounding, such as, footwear, bedding and other accessories, for both the active and less active individual. It is now possible to practice grounding indoors as well as out.

This Multi-Use Earthing Pad is a lightweight, conductive mat you can take with you anywhere. (Size: 23.5” x 15.5”) It plugs into a grounded outlet or surge protector, and can be placed on a chair, cushion, or bed, even under your feet as you work at a desk.
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The Earthing Pad is ideal for those who work indoors, as it neutralizes EMF radiation and balances the body’s natural frequencies. It’s also an excellent grounding solution for those who with mobility challenges due to age, infirmity or injury.
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Erthe PRJ20 Grounding Straps are for athletic earthing. These straps act as a conduit, electrically grounding you but with the advantage of being able to wear rubber-soled shoes. Each strap adheres to the outside of your running shoe, with one tab under the outsole of the shoe, and the other on the insole, under your foot. The straps remove electric tension for enhanced athletic performance.
shoe strap removes electric tension grounds you the earth earthing shoe strap
The PRJ20 Grounding Strap has been newly upgraded and improved to allow for better custom adhesion to footwear, and with greater durability against wear and tear.
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Athletic or not, indoors or out, reap the many health benefits of grounding with the latest earthing technology, and improve your daily wellness.
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