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Vegan Gold

Vegan Gold

There’s nothing like the feeling of being outside in the sunshine, with your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds — on top of the world.
Biotime Morgan Multi Gold Copper Rivet Sandal Earthing
Earthing or grounding usually involves being outdoors without shoes, walking barefoot in soft grass or along the beach. When our bodies connect directly with the earth’s surface, we absorb electrons from its electromagnetic field. It brings us a sense of calm and healing that’s mental as well as physical.
Biotime Morgan Multi Gold Copper Rivet Sandal Earthing
Footwear earthing is another way to get grounded; however, the shoes must be made with natural materials such as hides and leathers. Man-made synthetics like rubber, vinyl, and plastic do not conduct electric frequencies, and therefore cut us off from the healthy “charge” of energy we could be getting when outside in nature.

So how do Vegans and Vegetarians get grounded without the use of animal products?

Biotime’s Gold Morgan Sandals for Women are the perfect Vegan alternative for earthing!
Biotime Morgan Multi Gold sandals made in spain
Crafted in Spain, Biotime Morgans are constructed with man-made straps, a Biofresh insole, cork footbed, and rubber outsole. They are modified in Canada to include a very special earthing component: a copper rivet.

Copper has the highest conductivity levels of any metal. Once inserted into the footbed of the sandal, the copper post allows electrons to be absorbed from the ground, through the sole, and into your bare feet, just as if you were walking without shoes!
modified copper rivet inserted into foodbed of shoe for earthingbiotime sandals straps
Biotime sandals are orthopedic, therapeutic-quality footwear. A adjustable instep buckle allows you to comfortably personalize your fit against the contoured insole. The 8mm EVA outsole absorbs heel shock and is lightweight and flexible for walking.

The Gold Morgans have three shimmery, gold straps, one with a faux-animal accent print to add style to your grounded step.
biotime sandals
Available in Women’s sizes 5-1/2 to 11. Please visit Healthy & Grounded's website for more details (Also available in Black):

Step into Biotime’s Gold Morgan Vegan Sandals for earthing with conductive copper rivet and find yourself refreshed and energized. Go for the gold!
gold triple strap sandals
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