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The Ins & Outs of Earthing

The Ins & Outs of Earthing

Connecting with nature has so many positive side effects: fresh air, sunshine, relaxation, play. It’s both restful and invigorating at the same time. When we can walk barefoot and commune with the outdoors, it does our body and soul much good.
wearing soft sole moccasins outdoor on natural terrain
Sometimes, though, in inclement weather or when life and work get too busy, we don’t always have time to get our nature fix. Working at a desk or sitting in front of a computer for long hours can introduce a host of physical side effects that would otherwise be alleviated by a walk outside or other grounding techniques.

What is Grounding / Earthing?

In recent years, the link between the Earth and our health has become a trending topic for study. The human body runs on electric signals, and when we physically make contact with the ground, we conduct the earth’s electrons into our body. Benefits range from improved sleep and reduced inflammation to relief from pain and stress, and these results are increasingly backed by science and research.

Good News

The good news is that a host of interesting new products are now available for earthing or grounding indoors.
how to practice earthing or grounding indoors
A multi-use mat made with a woven blend of nylon and conductive silver thread is a lightweight and portable solution that goes wherever you go. Simply plug into any grounded outlet and place it anywhere you need to be: under your keyboard as a desk pad, on your chair, under your desk to rest your feet on... you can even nap or sleep on it. At 60cm x 40cm (23.5" x 15.5”), this versatile mat brings the benefits of earthing directly to you.
using moccasins indoors for grounding earthingearthing indoor mat plug grounded outlet
A mat for earthing is also excellent for those who are injured, elderly, or in recovery. Grounding is known to speed healing, and relieve muscle pain, headaches, menstrual cramping and many other uncomfortable symptoms.

To order or learn more, please click here:

When earthing or grounding — indoors or out — we want to connect directly with the Earth’s electromagnetic energy. Ideally, grounding should be done in bare feet. If that is not possible, the next best thing is a pair of leather-soled moccasins for earthing.

Regular footwear is chiefly made with synthetic materials that block conductivity, such as vinyl, PVC, or rubber. But moccasins are considered a “barefoot” shoe, and being made entirely of leather; they contain no manmade materials to impede the earth’s natural electrons. Wear them in combination with the use of a mat for earthing indoors to maximize your grounding practice.
earthing grounding multi-use mat
Laurentian Chief Men’s Buffalo Moccasins are classic and optimal shoes for earthing.

Handcrafted with supple, genuine buffalo leather, they naturally conform to your personal footprint. Moccasins for earthing can also be gently worn outdoors; their soft leather sole enables you to feel the ground beneath your feet and enjoy the benefits and connection of grounding in a way that is safe, comfortable, and uncompromised. Their handsome, traditional loafer design make them an attractive wardrobe staple, indoors or out.
Dark Brown Leather Moccasins on an Earthing Grounding Pad
Available in Men’s sizes 7-15. Please visit this link or more information or to order online:

More Good News

Increased interest in earthing has resulted in products designed to help you enjoy the healthy benefits of the Earth’s electromagnetic energy. When used together, a grounding mat and all-natural moccasins will maximize your earthing techniques, even when you have to be indoors.

Get grounded and be well!
earthing pad grounded indoors
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  • Hello. I did buy two pairs of moccasins. I noticed though that the bottom is quite hard, will I still get the benefits of standing on an earthing Matt?

  • I have a grounding mat that I use at my desk. Can I get results if I wear wool socks w/o shoes on the mat?

    Sonja DuFriend
  • The most important you also cutting the bad magnetic field from electrical appliances
    I am a retired chemist scientist from UN there is many more to the grounding if you want to know more you can call me at 954 415 9591


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