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Children's Earthing Moccasins Moose Hide Leather Moccasins BB495J

SKU: BB495J - 11 (24.13.8)
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These kid's moccasins work perfectly as children's shoes for earthing as they are handmade from genuine moose hide leather.  When you break leather in and it mixes with the moisture from the ground and your feet, it becomes conductive. This allows the Earth's electrons to flow through to your feet. Most moccasins have a synthetic insole which prevents this transfer to occur. These children's genuine leather moccasins, however, feature no synthetic materials, only 2 layers of leather in the soles. These children's authentic moccasins for grounding in particular, have an extremely thick, durable and tough oil tan chromexcel sole which makes them more durable than most soft sole moccasins. They have been custom manufactured specifically for children who would like to or should practice earthing and get real leather moccasins that will last a long time. These youth size soft sole moccasins are a chestnut brown colour, the insides are suede and the soles are dark brown. They are Canadian handmade/sewn and the vamp is hand-stitched. These children's moccasin shoes for grounding come in youth sizes ranging from 11-3. (these fit small, best to buy at least one full size up as children grow so fast)


Please note, soft sole moccasins that have been misused outdoors (worn on rough surfaces such as concrete and cement) cannot be returned. Please preserve your moccasins by avoiding these types of surfaces. Find out how to preserve the life of your moccasins and how to comfortably wear earthing moccasins click here.


MaterialGenuine Moose Hide Leather
SolesThicker Chromexcel Leather Sole
ColorMaple Brown
InsolesNo Insoles
2 Natural Layers of Leather
ManufacturedBastien Industries - Canada
SizesFull Sizes Child 11 - 3
Order 1 Full Size Up
AccentsRaw Hide Laces
AccentsDouble Hand-Stitched Vamp

Moose Hide

Moose is a wild animal, so therefore incurs wounds and scarring during its lifetime. These scars and marks can show up in the leather as what may appear to be imperfections, but in fact are unique to each pair of moccasins. They are part of the animal's story-line.

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