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On Clearance: Men’s Wide-Fit Earthing Moccasins

On Clearance: Men’s Wide-Fit Earthing Moccasins

We’re retiring the Wakonsun line of moccasins, so now’s your chance to pick up a pair of men’s wide-fitting mocs for earthing!

All-leather moccasins are organic shoes that mold to the shape of your feet, but for those preferring a broader footbed, an optional wider fit is even more comfortable.
Men's wide earthing moccasins all-leather all-natural
Too often, people settle for narrow, stiff shoes made with unyielding synthetic materials. Wearing constrictive, unnatural footwear can not only lead to blisters and other ailments at the end of the day, but long-term problems like bunions, hyperkeratosis, plantar fasciitis, and hammer toes. It also deprives us of the mental and physical benefits of grounding in nature.

We need to be kinder to our feet — especially when earthing!

Wakonsun’s wide-fitting moccasins for men have an EEE triple width. Made with high quality hides, they will continue to stretch and give the longer they are worn.
Men's moccasins for earthing wide fit by wakonsun
They are the ideal “barefoot” shoe for earthing; the soft leather outsole and foam-free insole provide just enough protection from outside surfaces. The suede interior fits like a second skin, facilitating the transfer of natural electrons from earth to body, particularly when the leather is dampened by the ground or perspiration.

Men’s moccasins by Wakonsun are traditional in design, with a puckered U-shaped vamp embellished with crisscross stitching and rawhide laces to adjust your fit even further. They come in two classic colors and hides: Dark Brown (cow hide) and Cork (moose hide).
Men's cork and peanut colored earthing moccasins made in canada from genuine leather
Whether you have a broader than average foot size or simply prefer the relaxed fit of a wide moccasin, now is the time to purchase a pair of Wakonsuns!

Enjoy a summer of wellness with comfortable, wide-fit earthing moccasins!
Men's wide moccasins for earthing made in Canada by wakonsun
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  • I have 12.5 EE ; I have a second toe that is a half inch longer than my big toe and wide feet. size 13 is to slim and long

    Greg Volz

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