Stay Connected to the Earth’s Electrons by Wearing Grounding Footwear that Will Equalize Your Body & Reduce Free Radicals. Shop At Our Online Store Where We Carry Men’s Soft Leather Sole Moccasins, Earthing Shoes & Sandals - The Next Best Thing to Being Barefoot

Most men are way too busy and stressed. A lot of men have a great deal of pressure on them. They need to perform well at work or school, they play an important role in their families and often carry lead roles in their communities. All of this pressure can affect your health. Stress as well air pollution, and even cellphones can cause toxins in your body called free radicals. Free radicals often injure your cells and attack you immune system and are both a cause and a result of inflammation. Damage from free radicals causes inflammation; chronic inflammation goes on to produce lots of free radicals which in turn create more inflammation. More and more research shows that chronic inflammation is an underlying cause for many, many diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression and allergies. With all of these possible threats to your body, it is important to keep your body healthy and running at full capacity in order to tackle everything you need to do.

Thankfully there are many ways for men to combat free radicals and chronic inflammation. One easy and practical way you can regain health and help reduce stress is by Earthing (also known as Grounding). Wearing Earthing leather moccasins, sandals and earthing shoes could be your missing link to better health. Earthing is done by finding ways for your body to connect with the Earth such as you feet with Earthing footwear. The Earth is covered with negative-charged free electrons. Men’s bodies are electrical in nature, even our nervous systems works on electrical impulses. The Earth’s negative electrons flow into our positively charged bodies and equalize our bodies and help reduce free radicals. Men can experience Earthing through walking barefoot, swimming in oceans, lakes and rivers or even using special grounding equipment.

The easiest way to practice Earthing/Grounding is by simply kicking off your shoes while you are outside and walk barefoot. As practical as this may seem, it is not always that easy, especially if your work requires you to wear certain types of footwear such as dress shoes or work boots. Not to mention, it is not always socially acceptable to walk around barefoot. As Earthing becomes more and more recognized in the medical community, there is an increasing need for stores and online shops to carry soft leather/suede sole moccasins and Juil Earthing sandals and shoes. When you wear Earthing shoes and sandals you can stay connected to the Earth all day long.

The way men’s Earthing/Grounding footwear works is it has a conductive sole that allows the Earth’s electrons to flow through the material into your body. This can be in the form of copper, custom-formulated carbon and rubber compounds found in, as well as vinyl and powdered carbon or natural genuine leather/suede and hides found in moccasins. Soft soled moccasins made from genuine leather are great Earthing moccasin shoes. The leather in soft leather sole moccasin shoes is a conductive materials when moist. The moisture of the outdoors or the sweat from your feet make men’s soft sole leather/suede moccasins the ideal Earthing shoes. Earthing shoes and sandals are carefully manufactured with conductive materials in the soles allowing the electrons to flow into your feet. They look like regular shoes or flats (even more fashionable) and provide you with all-day connection. Most common shoes have insulating properties. These materials stop the flow of the electrical energy from ever reaching your body. The common shoe is one of the most destructive culprits of inflammation and autoimmune diseases as it separates us from the healing energy of the Earth. You need to shop at stores that carry conductive Earthing/Grounding footwear (that act as if you are barefoot) in order to experience the recharging and healing effects from the Earth.

Here at The Earthing Store it is our goal to carry with high-quality Earthing footwear at affordable prices so you can easily shop for Earthing products. We carry authentic Native soft leather/suede sole moccasin shoes, sandals and shoes and plan on expanding our lines. We believe in the benefits of Earthing and are looking forward to hearing how Earthing/Grounding footwear help you in reducing stress, inflammation and pain. We carry most of our items in stock and ship fast at cheap, economical rates. If you have any questions about our soft leather or suede sole moccasins, earthing sandals and shoes please contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to assist you. We make it easy for you to shop for high-quality Earthing/Grounding shoes and sandals at the best price.