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Women's Comfeeze Earthing Sandals Copper Rivet

SKU: Comfeeze-7 (33.17.11)
Regular price $ 57.50 USD



Enjoy all-day support and comfort with Comfeeze earthing sandals by Footlogix Pediceuticals™. For additional information and lifestyle photos, visit our blog "When Life Keeps You On Your Toes". These women's sandals are designed with foot health and well-being in mind, combining superior comfort with innovative earthing technology. What sets them apart is the integrated copper rivet in the footbed. This unique feature allows you to connect with the Earth's natural energy, as copper is a conductive material that allows electrons to flow into your feet. The built-in five-toe separator promotes even toe separation, enhancing comfort and facilitating flawless polish application during pedicures. It keeps your feet securely in place while walking. With a sleek and modern design, these sandals are functional and fashionable. These sandals provide excellent arch support, blending comfort, style, and wellness. Elevate your daily routine and connect with nature while enjoying these sandals' luxurious feel.

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